Jacopo Rampini

                    TV & FILM                                                                             Director
 Medici: Masters of Florence (2016)                      NETFLIX - RAIUNO                                 Wild Bunch/Sergio Mimica Gezzan

                 Brown Nation (2016)                                            NETFLIX                                                     Matt Grubb, AbiVarghese

                 The World Wars (2014)                                        The History Channel                                     Stephen David Entertainment/John Ealer

                           Atlantic Avenue (Tribeca 2013)                             OriGine Films - Supporting                          Laure de Clermont

                 Concrete Clouds                                                    Vertical Films - Supporting                           Lee Chatametikool

                 L’Amore Corto                                                      Jack Boar Productions – Leading                 Valentina Vincenzini

                 The Squirrel                                                           NYU Grad Film - Leading                            Marco Coppola

                 Open House (NYFF 2013)                                   NYU Grad Film - Supporting  David Kestin

                 The Banquet                                                          NYU Grad Film - Leading                            Pepe Avila del Pino 

                 A Dirty Business                                                   NYU Grad Film - Supporting  Shiva Bajpai




                 Williamstown Theatre Festival

                 A Doll's House                                                             Partygoer                                                Sam Gold

                 Free Write                                                                      Bandit                                                    Laura Savia/Josh Koenigsberg

                               Off - Broadway

                 The Balcony                                                                 The Bishop                                              Horizon Theatre Rep

                 Music-Hall                                                                    Boy 1                                                      Diffractions Theatre Company

                 WorldWide Lab

                 Burquavaganza                                                             Mullah                                                     Vidhu Singh

                 Waxing West                                                                Charlie                                                      Laura Caparrotti

                 A Respectable Wedding                                               Groom                                                      Orly Noa Rabinyan




                  Audi                                                                        Nationwide Campaign                                   O Positive LLC

                  Paypal                                                                     Special Financing                                          Worldwide Internet Campaign

                  Cohen’s Fashion Optical                                        U.S. Eyewear                                                 Summer/Fall Print Campaign

                  Verizon Wireless                                                    Nationwide Billboard                                    World Cup Print Campaign

                  Puma                                                                      Soccer International                                       Summer/Spring Print Campaign

                  Perrier                                                                     Le Club Perrier                                             YouTube Campaign

                  GDF Suez                                                              Elysian Fields Production/ Cast Partner        Worldwide Print Campaign

                  Wix                                                                         Hen’s Tooth Productions/ Cast Partner        Online & TV Campaign 


                 VOICE OVER


                  Trident                                                                     Mondelez France                                        International Commercial

                  Fiero                                                                        RockStar Games/Take 2 Productions         Video Game

                  Nano Invaders                                                         AudioWorks Producers Group                   Italian animated Tv Show Brinken                                                                      The Drakers                                                            AudioWorks Producers Group                    French animated Tv Show